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Gancho Karabajakov

Gancho Karabadzhakov (* 1951; ✝ 2021) was born in the town of Yambol (Bulgaria). He graduated from the Art High School in the town of Kazanlak and the Nikolai Pavlovich Academy of Arts, majoring in Illustration and Book Design. He lives and works in Arbanassi, near Veliko Tarnovo. Since 1981 he has participated in all regional and national exhibitions of paintings, and works in the field of monumental arts. He has over sixty solo exhibitions in the country and abroad (Germany, Switzerland, Italy, Belgium, USA, Austria, France, Turkey).

In 2001 he was briefly Deputy Minister of Culture. In the period 2008 – 2011 he was director of the art gallery “Boris Denev” in Veliko Tarnovo, and from the end of the same year he was deputy mayor of the old capital.