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Nikos Zarras

Nikolaos Zarras was born in 1954 in the area of Sykies, in Thessaloniki, Greece. From a very young age he feels a special inclination towards painting, drawing non-stop, on paper, on objects, everywhere. After completion of his compulsory high school education he decided to dedicate himself to art. Nikos is a self-taught artist with multidimensional and restless spirit. His big artistic love in terms of materials is glass, to which he shapes, colors and carves and as he says – it still resists! Nikos first exhibition took place in 1977 in his home town and since than he has over 50 solo exhibitions in Greece. He lived, created and exhibited in Zambia, Africa for 18 years. It was there that he taught art and painting in the Lubuto orphanage of the city of Lusaka. His involvement with teaching and his experience with of the African continent inspired him to write and sketch a book for young and old children titled “The great trip of little Tikou -Tikou”.