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Olaf Ulbricht

Olaf Ulbricht is an artist and carver from Germany. He was born in 1951 in Meissen. He graduated from the Technical University of Dresden with a major in Electrical Engineering. In 1985, he left the GDR. Her career as a naive artist began in Cologne in 2000. Olaf Ulbricht uses acrylic colors on wood and with multiple varnishes, the colors get a shine that allows the motifs to shine as if reflected from the bottom of a lake. He has solo and collective exhibitions at naïve galleries, museums and naive art festivals in France, Canada, the USA, Belgium, Italy, Germany, Spain, Portugal, Israel, the Netherlands, Poland, Denmark, Turkey, Taiwan and Switzerland. Olaf Ulbricht is a member of: Impulse(s) Group, Alzey; Association of Naive Artists in Freedom, Nerac, France; “Groupe international des primitifs dits naivs”, Andresy, France. Major awards: naive art gold medal, Nérac (2008 and 2009), France; 1st prize, 5th Europén Salon 2012, Bruges, Belgium, 1997; CREATEURS DU SIECLE International Salon, La Ravoire 2012, Grand Prix de la Presse