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Pal Homonai

Pal Homonai ( 1922-2010 ) was born in Irig, Voivodina , Yugoslavia in a peasant family. He spent his childhood on pastures of the villages in Srem, which became the primary source of his inspiration. He mastered the carpentry and in 1938 moved to Novi Sad, where he practiced various forms of the craft, with a special interest in intarsia. A carpenter by training , he began to paint in 1964. His first one-man show was in Beolgrad in 1965 , where he first attracted the attention of the famous writer and art critic Oto Bihajli Merin (author of the ” Naive Artists of the World” 1971, Cologue) who took notice of his exceptional stylization and colour combinations. Homonai’s paintings reflect the tranquility and simplicity of his birthplace with individual style. He has had numerous one-man shows and has participated in many group exhibitions all over the world. His works can be found at many private collections and in museums. He has been living and working in Hungary since 1992 to 2010. At the Eleventh International Biennial of Naïve and Marginal Art, of MNMA, Jagodina, 2003, he received the Award for Entire Artistic Work.