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Salvo Caramagno

Salvo Caramagno, painter from the sicilian city of Catania, has been present in the Italian cultural scene from the nineties of the 20th century.In addition to having mounted several exhibitions both nationally and internationally, he is known to be one of the most important and recognized masters of the Italian mural painting. He painted over hundred murals in various places all over Italy, among them the most significants are the series of paintings in Linguaglossa, Valogno, Azzinano, Furore on the Amalfi coаst and the huge murals in Piazza Mercato and on the sea front in Manfredonia , as well as “Riso amaro”in Orta and the murals in Marentino. The Church of San Francesco and the Shrine of Santa Maria di Merino in Vieste are decorated by him. His art is shown on the sceneries of few programs on Rai TV. Salvo Caramagno was recently included in the book “Mural art”, which shows the most important muralists world-wide. For the last two years ( 2018/2019 ) he has been contributing to the project “Isola Bio Sicilia”, providing images for the promotional campaign of biological products in Sicily. His works illustrated also several books and magazines.