Naive and intuitive art is a living, active phenomenon in the global art culture today. It is also called “art of the holy heart”, “art of instinct”, “untreated”, “modern non-primitivism”, “free of canons”. These definitions emphasize his emotionality and spontaneity. Nowadays, when naivety in life is so rare, the naive and intuitive art of painting occupies a special place. This is due to the unique ability of artists to immerse us into a world of carelessness, naivety and spiritual purity. Despite the fact that artists in this field of art are not numerous, the creations are full of something that is often lacking in most other areas: the good mood. Without being influenced by the traditions of art, these artists rely on their personal experience and create paintings reflecting their memories, desires and dreams. The themes they choose are often related to their childhood, the place where they were born, the environment in which they grew up, the daily routine and festive occasions, but also cover political, historical and social problems, not to mention fantastic utopian worlds. Thus naive artists are distinguished by original and unique stylistic independence.

The salon of Naive and intutive art in Belogradchik is an unique project in Bulgaria. It opened in 2019 and is situated in the Town Art Gallery. The collection unites more than 200 works. The exposition represents both the Bulgarian naive art scene and authors from Serbia, Romania, Croatia, Germany, France, Argentina, Belgium, Finland, Italy, Greece, Russia, Estonia, Poland, Cuba, Indonesia, Haiti, Australia, New Zealand, Israel and Georgia.