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Alida Mancini – Rafael Leon

Born as Alida Mancini in 1962 in Umbertide, Umbria, Italy. She graduated from the University of Perugia in Contemporary languages and literature. Her main profession is shipping&logistics manager, she heads her own company in Germany now.

Her artist’s Name “Rafael Leon” was the Pseudonym under which her father Raffaele fought as a Partisan in the Umbrian hills to free Italy from the German occupation during the Second World War. Her modest fight is against lack of time and business hectic. In her canvas she tries to tidy up her chaotic world, one spot after the other, dreaming with closed eyes like all the women portrayed in perfect balanced sceneries. Even the depicted animals live joyfully in amazing landscapes where everything is in its place, and everything gives tranquility and peace.

She has been exhibiting to the public since 2010 and has over 70 collective expositions in 13 countries around the world.