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Claudine Loquen

Claudine Loquen was born in Sainte-Address, Normandy in 1965. Studied in Rouen, where she received a BA in Arts in 1984. She has worked in various occupations. She taught as a teacher for fifteen years. Since 2015, she lives from her painting. Two hundred exhibitions (including fifty solo ones) made her famous in France and abroad (Belgium, USA, Canada, Italy, Spain, Romania, Israel, Japan, China). The artist calls herself a literary artist. Her works can be found in private and public collections of French and international museums. Claudine won the Jean Anouilt and “Art naïf” awards at the Salon d’Automne in Paris. Women, wolves, twins and sisterhood are recurring themes in her work. She uses different techniques on her canvases: oil, acrylic, India ink, collages (fabric, embroidery, paper ). From 2021, she created and directed the “Naïve Art” section at the Autumn Salon in Paris.