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Inge Selmer

Inge Selmer was born 1954 in Glostrup near Copenhagen, Denmark. Her main occupation is a bank professional, later she became an entrepreneur, owning a reflexology clinic. At this stage of her life the passion for painting got a realization although she was attracted to visual arts since the childhood. Her painting motifs are wide- ranging. From animals in flowery jungles, which is a longing for the lost paradise, nymphs, trolls and other mythical creatures that populate the land of imagination to ordinary everyday life scenes. She began to exhibit in 2005 and since then had over 80 events in Denmark and 26 abroad – in Spain, France, Israel, Poland, Turkey, Finland, Sweden, Belgium. Her creative work is listed in two books: ”Vegetacion. Elemento magico en la pintura” Rafael Ceballos 2012 and ”Naivister i Danmark”, Ole Lindboe 2013. Her paintings are in private collections in Denmark, Sweden, Germany, France, Spain, Italy, Turkey, Poland, Israel, U.S.A and Australia.