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Kikka Nyren

Kikka Nyren was born 1951 in Helsinki,Finland. She studied graphic design in a school of fine arts in Helsinki and later upgraded her education with Basic arts in Fine arts academy in the Open University of Helsinki and Ceramics in adult learning centers. Kikka began to draw when she was two and continues since than with several art directions – painting, sculpture, ceramics, illustration, murals. Her main profession is illustration for 50 years. She has 14 solo exhibitions in Finland and Estonia and over 80 participations in collective events in Finland, Estonia, Belgium, France, Poland, Slovakia, Slovenia, Israel, Romania and Germany. Her works are part of the museum expositions in Galerija likovnih Samorastnikov Trebnje, Slovenia, MAGOG Musee international dárt naif de Magog, Quebec Canada, SOL-foundation, Ensikoti-foundation, Naivists at Iittala-foundation, The friends of Heinola Art Museum, The town of Varkaus. Kikka develops her art activity also in the direction of murals, she was chosen to decorate the Iittala railway station,Hameenlinna Finland. She was awarded the Prix de jury 2016 Biennale Internationale dárt Naif&Singulier Chateau de Waroux, Belgium. She is Member of the Board of Naivists in Finland Association.