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Lyubov Toteva

Lyubov Toteva was born in Sofia. She graduated from the Nikolay Pavlovich National Academy of Arts with a major in Monumental Painting. She also has a specialization in stage design and puppet theater technology from the Theater Academy in Prague. She works in a wide range of fine arts. She uses various techniques – watercolor, graphics, tempera and oil painting, icon painting. Since 1987, she has participated in more than 45 national, international and individual exhibitions, she has realized more than 20 puppet plays with her own designs of puppets and stage design with awards at national and global festivals. Her work in puppet theater inspires her for her paintings in the naive style with which she has been doing her individual exhibitions for 20 years and has gained worldwide recognition in many countries such as Bulgaria, Romania, Macedonia, Turkey, Poland, Italy, Denmark, Spain, Canada and France. In 2018, she presented Bulgaria at the European Parliament in Strasbourg with a solo exhibition. Her paintings feature Bulgarian folklore rich in cheerful colors, interesting subjects, accompanied by a lot of humor. Favorite topics of hers are also Art Nouveau and Belle Époque, inspired by her annual visits to France. Lyubov is a long-time member of the UBA, the Union of Artists in Bulgaria, UNIMA, an Honorary Member of the French Union of Naive Artists.