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Minna Lehväslaiho

Minna Lehvaslaiho is born in Helsinki, Finland on 1.07.1967. She holds Master Degree in Biochemistry, Chemistry, Physics and Virology from the University in Helsinki and a Diploma in Literature and Creative Writing from Open University in UK. Until 2014 her profession was a scientist in different institutes and universities in UK, Finland, South Africa and Saudi Arabia. Although Mina is paining whole her life, she started to publicly exhibit her work in 2009. Since than she had 5 solo and more than 70 participations in collective exhibitions in 16 countries around the globe. Her paintings are in the collections of several museums: Gallery of naïve artists in Trebnje, Slovenia, Jan Hrushka Memorial in Czech republic, the city museums in Pialavesi and Varkaus in Finland, Father Amrosius’Art Collection in Helsinki. Her paintings are selected for UNICEF post cards. She was awarded twice Artist of the Year in Finland for her post card designs.